How Do We Support Our Kids?

Separation can be difficult. How a separation is managed will determine the quality of the outcome.

Where there are children involved, many parents can agree about ongoing arrangements and this is great but this is not always the case and sometimes parents need professional help. This is not and should never become a legal issue. Parents in this situation will benefit from receiving support, guidance and assistance from a neutral professional, that will focus on the wellbeing of their children.

At Bayside collaborative we have an experienced psychologist, Danielle Lundberg, available to support you and your family. Danielle has the skills and expertise to guide and assist parents in ways that will remove conflict and produce positive outcomes for children and for families.

The other elements of separating are to resolve property and financial matters. That is where I come in – as an experienced family lawyer and accredited family law specialist I focus on removing conflict, finding common ground and achieving fair and peaceful resolutions. 

There are many ways to deal with these important issues, depending of the circumstances involved. There are some legal aspects which are important but ultimately solutions need to be driven by what works in a particular situation for a particular family – not what a Court might or might not do.  This is the central basis of our approach and what we are trying to achieve.

By Anthony Cinque, Lawyer - Bayside Collaborative – Separation Specialists

Natalie Menchikova