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We have outlined our services below, but we know it can be overwhelming. If you aren’t sure which service is appropriate for your situation, you can always contact us directly at any time.

Collaborative Practice | Constructive Negotiation | Parenting Plans | Agreements


Collaborative Practice

A team approach – two lawyers (one for you and one for your partner) and neutral professionals (a facilitator and a financial professional) work in a structured process through a series of meetings to achieve a peaceful, fair resolution. 

This process is based on identifying your interests and goals – in other words, what is most important to you – and helping you achieve them. Throughout it all, there is a focus on maintaining positive family relationships and promoting the wellbeing of children. 

The professionals in this process are trained in collaborative practice and mediation and bring different skills to the negotiating table.

The lawyers advocate for you and provide legal advice and support.

Your Facilitator is a psychologist who manages and controls the meetings and can also provide assistance with the development of a Parenting Plan.

Your Financial Professional is a financial planner who gathers all required financial information and provides advice around budgeting requirements and other financial and taxation issues, giving you peace of mind.

This team of professionals with different but complementary skill sets come together to provide you and your partner with a safe and secure environment to work through post-separation issues and achieve a resolution that is acceptable to everyone.  The resolution will be specifically-tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.


The process is

Constructive                       Not adversarial

Respectful                           Not aggressive

Transparent                        Not deceptive

Creative                              Not based on “legal outcomes”

Empowering                      Not driven by lawyers or Judges

Constructive Negotiation

We believe that negotiation does not need to be spiteful or based on a ‘winner takes all’ approach.  It can be respectful, constructive, and focused on achieving fair and balanced outcomes.  This is what we do best.

Our negotiation process involves two family lawyers (one for you and one for your partner).  Sometimes, if necessary, a neutral third party can be involved – such as a mediator or facilitator. 

This type of negotiation can take place in different ways, including round table meetings, correspondence, telephone attendances, or a combination of these elements.  The process is always tailored to suit your needs and preferences, so that everyone is as comfortable as possible.


Parenting Plans

Supporting children through separation is one of the main concerns we hear from our clients. There is a lot to think about. Whether it is how to talk to children about separation, what to expect, or how to develop a co-parenting relationship when your own relationship has broken down, we can advise and support you and your children.

Children thrive on routine; it makes them feel safe. We will work with you to develop a Parenting Plan that outlines your children’s living arrangements so they can move into a reliable and stable routine again. We believe it is important that your Parenting Plan reflects your children’s emotional and developmental needs and focuses on their wellbeing.

Once you have finalised your Parenting Plan with our psychologist, we can talk with you about the different ways of documenting your agreement.



Pre-Nuptial/Relationship Agreements

These agreements are about starting or continuing a marriage or de facto relationship on a firm basis. Having an agreement in place makes it much easier to work out financial arrangements, both during your relationship and in the event of a future separation.

Relationship Agreements:

  • Protect pre-existing assets

  • Manage financial arrangements during the relationship

  • Specify how assets will be divided in the event of a separation

  • Make provision for financial support in the event of a separation

These Agreements can provide security at any stage of your relationship and offer peace of mind by removing the stress and uncertainty of what would happen if you were to separate.

Separation Agreements

You and your partner are separating and may have already reached an agreement between you about children, property, or other financial matters.

We can talk to you about documenting those agreements and finalising any aspects you haven't yet agreed upon.

When we reach a resolution, we ensure that you have the security you need by providing the appropriate legal documents. This may include:

  • Financial Agreement to document your property settlement (including superannuation)

  • Binding Child Support Agreement to document arrangements for child support

  • Parenting Plan to document arrangements for children

  • Consent Orders approved by a Court to document agreements for property and/or children

These Agreements provide certainty, security and a firm basis for moving forward.

I was initially unsure about doing a pre-nup but we now both feel even more comfortable and secure in our relationship and our future together. Thank you so much!
— Julie, Black Rock

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